Tight wire performers at the Black-E as part of @fluxliverpool (at The Black E)
The @biennial Dazzle Ship.
So many people on the bar lightship it was listing. @giantspectacle
Bye bye grandma @giantspectacle
Bye @giantspectacle. You’ve been breathtaking. @museumliverpool @thealbertdock
Crowded at Newsham Park.  (at Newsham Park)
Little girl giant wanders down Falkner Sq. @giantspectacle #liverpool #itsliverpool
The grandma salutes the Mayor @giantspectacle @lpoolcouncil
Lotta people! @giantspectacle
A @giantspectacle event at @lpoolwaterfront #giants #liverpool  (at Liverpool Waterfront)
Talk about your beautiful bedrooms @sghlpool @GiantSpectacle #giants  (at St George’s Hall, Liverpool)
Evening. #liverpool @MerseyMaritime  (at Tate Liverpool)
Byrom Street. #liverpool
Morning :) @sghlpool #liverpool @itsliverpool @lpoolcouncil  (at St George’s Hall, Liverpool)
Could you describe the driver? Hairy chap. Barking mad I’d say.